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The value of your bike should include the total value of your bike including custom parts and any accessories you wish to have covered under the policy. This would be the total amount of coverage you want and is also the maximum amount, less deductible, we will pay for an approved total loss.

Your bike is an extension of you. It is a reflection of your style. You've spent countless hours on it. You've tweaked it, added to it, and got it just how you like. It has seen you at your best and worst. It gives you freedom. It holds you up. It propels you to the finish. You wouldn't have gotten your PR without it. It keeps you young even if it doesn't have streamers or a bell anymore. It may have a special room in your house or it may have a special nickname. It may have cost more than your wedding. It doesn't judge you. It gave from point A to point B a new meaning. It's what moves you. It is your Bike – Protect it with comprehensive bicycle insurance before you wreck it.

BigRing Bicycle Insurance provides complete coverage for your bike and accessories. With BigRing you get coverage for:

Bicycle Theft & Damage Protection

If your covered bike is damaged from an accident, or stolen, this coverage will pay you the replacement value of your bike or any insured accessories. The value is paid directly to you so you can decide what and when to buy a replacement bike or accessory.

Ship & Ride Coverage (Property in Transit)

It’s not just about the ride but getting there and back too. No matter how you get it there, we got it covered. Your bike will be covered for theft and damage during shipping as long as you used a carrier with approved shipping instructions.

Bike Helmet Replacement (Up to $250)

With a damage claim, if your helmet is damaged as a result of a crash, we will give you up to $250 to replace your helmet.

Stranded Cyclist Coverage (Up to $50)

If you are ever left stranded due to a crash, breakdown, bad weather or other reasons we will reimburse you up to $50 for transportation to get you back safely. Unlike other plans you don't need to wait on an automotive towing service - simply find the quickest and safest transportation back and we'll reimburse you.

Rental Reimbursement (Up to $250)

If you need to rent a bicycle for a race or organized event as a result of the insured bicycle being damaged or stolen and a claim is filed, we will provide a rental reimbursement of up to $250 to reimburse you for the rental.

Benefits for Injuries

BigRing is not just about the bike; we also have optional coverage available for YOU. If you are injured as a result of a crash and have to go to an emergency room, urgent care facility, or are hospitalized, we will pay a benefit amount directly to you. This benefit is in addition to any health or medical insurance you may have and can be used to help pay for things like lost wages, deductibles, or any other way you want. The amount is paid to you as a flat amount to help off-set medical expenses. (Not available in all states.)

Rider injury benefits include:
  • - $200 for Emergency transportation by ambulance (3 per year)
  • - $250 per visit for Emergency room/urgent care center visits (unlimited per person per year)
  • - $500 a day for Hospital confinement (unlimited per person per year)
  • - $100 per visit medically prescribed physical, massage and chiropractic therapy (5 per year)

For more information on what is covered, please refer to the FAQ section.

Look Over Your Bike Insurance Coverage for 10 Days

You have 10 days to review your policy after you’ve received it. Make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you may return it within 10 days and your premium will be refunded, no questions asked.

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