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The value of your bike should include the total value of your bike including custom parts and any accessories you wish to have covered under the policy. This would be the total amount of coverage you want and is also the maximum amount, less deductible, we will pay for an approved total loss.
If you've got a bike, make sure you protect
it before you wreck it.

Compare Bike Insurance to homeowners or renters

Your bicycle is one of your most expensive and important assets. Many homeowners or renters plans do not cover theft or damage away from home, but BigRing does ... with tire to tire coverage that won't leave you with an empty wallet.

Coverage BigRing Bike Insurance Homeowners or Renters
Accidental/crash damage YES NO
Theft away from home YES MAYBE
Helmet Replacement YES NO
Coverage for accessories YES NO
Stranded cyclists YES NO
Rental Reimbursement YES NO
Optional Rider Injury YES NO
Coverage during shipping YES NO

BigRing Bike Insurance Coverage

Accidental/crash damage YES
Theft YES
Theft away from home YES
Helmet Replacement YES
Coverage for accessories YES
Standard cyclists YES
Rental Reimbursement YES
Optional Rider Injury YES
Coverage during shipping YES

Homeowners or Renters Coverage

Accidental/crash damage NO
Theft away from home MAYBE
Helmet Replacement NO
Coverage for accessories NO
Standard cyclists NO
Rental Reimbursement NO
Optional Rider Injury NO
Coverage during shipping NO

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Bike Shop e-book

bigring bike shop e-book bigring bike shop e-book

Bike Shop e-book

If you've got a bike, make sure you protect
it before you wreck it.

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As sponsors of some of the biggest races and names in endurance events, we're glad to be able to make a difference in the lives of the people we meet. BigRing was developed to meet the specific needs of cyclists just like you - not just to help protect one of your most expensive assets, but one of your biggest passions! BigRing is brought to you by Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company, a Transamerica Company.